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         ผมคัดลอกมาจากหนังสือ love letter ของ ปราย พันแสง  อยากบอกว่าผมต้องอ่านๆ หยุดๆ เพราะน้ำตามันพาลไหลออกมาทุกที

         My body begins to fail again tonight.

I really need you now.

I want you to hold me and tell me.

That thing is gonna be all right.

It would be better if you were here.

If you were close to my heart.

And I know I won’t let you go.

As one, I wish.

            This is the first time in my life that I feel I was betrayed by love.

I know from the moment.

I have read your last mail.

All, between you and me is over.

What is an incredible thing to be …huh

Why we love each other and we’re still in pain.

May be we’ve been in love enough.

May be we love ourselves more than the other.

May be we don’t care.

And may be it’s only an illusion, as you’ve said.

Passion, desire and imagination.

Whatever you think it is-for me it’s plesure’s pain.

I must admit that. I enjoy its fortune,its charm.

 I enjoy every moment laughing and crying with you too.

I love to be its prey.

And I know, it comes from loving you.

Every word that I said – love said for me,

So beautiful and marvelous.

Every light and shade of you hold me still in a place,

.Capture my heart and put in cell, and never let me go.

This sea of love.

It’s a genuine feeling.

I know I will nerver have a chance to see it again with anyone, any where.

            I do see my first weaken this morning after reading your mail.

When I find myself couldn’t be what you want me to be,

Even be the last shelter in your heart I couldn’t.

In your view, I don’t exist at all, I don’t have a body to touch.

I don’t have a love to show.

I don’t have a sweet dream to keep you warm.

I can’t take you to dinner.

I can’t take you to the movie.

I can’t take you in my arms.

I have only a heart,

An empty heart which may means nothing in real life too.

I can understand all this, … believe me

I know how you feel…

How are you gonna feel, you must feel

Betrayed by love like me now.

Love become wothless and dull.

Love made you lose control, feelings and emotions

Love made you spin fast till you lost balance.

Love ruined your world in and out cruelly.

One minute you cry and the next second.

You laugh; that is too much for you.

Isn’t it right?

I don’t want to say anything more, but I love you.

I know I can’t hold you back.

I don’t have magic anymore. I lost my words, my charm.

And then I lost you.

I’ve come here just to say a good farewell.

I’ve come to give my all remaining love power to a lucky man.

That is holding my dear in his arms.

I will give him blessing,pray for the rest my life.

But only one thing that I need from him is …

Don’t hurt you and love you more.

I do not come here to bring you back with my words.

I’ve come because my heart needs to.

Even it is the last time.

I want you to know that I still believe in you.

Everything that you said

I respect every thought , every decision of yours.

I really did treat you badly not good enough for your love.

I should not be around here to disturb you  I should not.

But keep in mind one thing.

I’m still there in silence , in thin very thin air.

When you feel down and need a friend, you know you can talk to me.

You can tell me your stories anytime.

My heart never change,I will listen to you.

And by that time may be I become a better man,

A better friend and a good angel- citizen in heaven.

Believe me , I do care. 


Author: hud-tsu-ka

I'm not a nice guy but I wanna be a good guy.

One thought on “5/6/2007

  1. อ่าาา..เพิ่งคุยกับเจ้าเอียวไปเมื่อวานเองเรื่องหนังสือเล่มนี้ดูสิ.. โรแมนติกจัง

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